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Cats love to display natural predatory behaviours like stalking, chasing, and using their paws and mouth to get food. Food dispensing toys or puzzle feeders are a great way to make meal time more active and fun. Try it out, your cat may enjoy their food even more. To help you get started, here's a little inspiration for out pet lover and their cat
By @Themainecoonlife

Cats are intelligent and persistent problem solvers, and their curiosity is legendary. Besides physical exercise they require mental exercise too. A puzzle feeder harnesses their desire for tasty food with their natural inclination to experiment and play, to probe and push and pull to reach semi-hidden kibbles that they can smell but not necessarily see. Cats are individualistic and vary a lot in their intelligence, dexterity, and persistence. With basic ingredients such as cardboard tubes and boxes, you can tailor a puzzle feeder to the peculiar skill level of your cat. What challenges will engage your cat’s mind?

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