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Challenging your dog with new activities, like swimming, running while you cycle, or agility training, will stimulate their mind and keep them active. Try out a new activity with your dog and see how they enjoy it. For some inspiration, see what our pet lover and her dog tried
By @Hillhousevintage

Today Coco and I decided to try something new together. We have often seen how much fun dogs have as they negotiate themselves around agility courses with their owners, so we decided to attempt some entry level agility practice. I wanted to see whether Coco would ‘jump’ with me on command, and so I set up a very simple test of a bamboo stick secured between two kitchen stools in our garden. The bamboo is light enough not to hurt her if she knocked it down during her jumping exercise which is important for her safety. First I encouraged her with a treat to walk over the bamboo sticks while it was low.

Then we raised the bamboo and went faster. You can see that Coco’s eyes are fixed on me while I encourage her to jump until it becomes instinctive.

After a few false starts she got the hang of it, and seemed to find it great fun. It’s been proven that trying a new activity is very stimulating for your dogs mind and thus aids their wellbeing – happiness and a raised IQ in one fun package – perfect!

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