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Meal time is a great opportunity to feed your dog's body and mind. Using puzzle feeders or creating your own with a plastic bottle, cardboard box, or egg carton will add stimulating fun to a delicious meal. Why not give it a try? For some inspiration, see what our pet lover and her dog like to do
By @Hillhousevintage

Coco and I are both animals of routine!  We have our favourite walk, our favourite toys (or in my case shoes) and we have our favourite place to sleep or rest.

Routines are lovely and calming for the soul, but particularly when it comes to dogs and other animals, it’s easy to forget that every so often a little mental stimulation by doing something different and out of the ordinary is a very positive thing for health and well-being.

Thinking along those lines, I decided to build my version of a puzzle feeder toy for Coco using every day household items.

Now it was time to introduce Coco to her new activity – ‘How To Get The Kibble’!

At first Coco was slightly perplexed. She had a few sniffs at the top opening of each bottle to make sure that her senses were correct, and that there were indeed treats to be found inside each bottle. It was then a case of trying to work out ‘How” to get at the enticing treats… Contd/… She tried pawing each bottles, and then attempted to get hold of one with her mouth. She finally realized that the most effective way to upturn the bottles was to nudge them with her nose, steady them upside down, and then give a final flick to release the treasure!

Of course, once she had worked out how to empty one bottle to receive her prize, it took only a matter of minutes for her to leave each one satisfyingly empty!

A fun and satisfying project for me, and a mind challenging yet fun toy for Coco!


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