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Benefits of mixed feeding for adult cats

The art of mixing wet and dry cat food

Mixed-feeding or feeding your cat a balanced diet of wet and dry food, is just as important now as when she was a kitten. Not only can it help prevent weight gain associated with neutering, but the high water content of wet food also supports urinary tract health. Read more to find out how mixed-feeding can help keep your cat’s youthful spirit strong.

“Your neutered cat’s love for food”

By the age of one, 93% of adult cats are neutered1, and almost 10% of cats live indoors, which are two phenomena that can potentially cause problems with behaviour. Neutering can also make them less active which, among modern cats, may increase the likelihood of health complications such as weight gain or urinary tract problems. It is therefore crucial for your cat’s wellbeing that upon neutering, her food portion be adjusted according to her 'ideal weight'. Your veterinarian will be able to guide you on this matter and answer your questions at the time of neutering.

A word from the Dr Corinne Lesaine, Perfect Fit’s consulting veterinarian  "After neutering, your cat may be prone to developing a larger appetite. The common trap cat owners should look to avoid is increasing portion-sizes proportionally to their cat's increase in body weight, thinking that their cat is still growing.

One efficient weight control method is to use mixed-feeding, combining kibbles with wet food, 1/3 of your cat’s daily energy requirements should come from dry food, and the other 2/3 from wet food. The high moisture content in the wet food will drive activity and stimulate calorie expenditure, helping your cat to stay in good shape.

On top of this, mixing wet and dry foods combines the benefits of each type, such as helping cats maintain good water balance and promoting urinary tract health, as in the case of wet foods. It also provides your cat with the opportunity to experience a greater variety in her diet, which she might enjoy!"

Mixed feeding benefits for cats by Perfect Fit


Healthy nutrition, physical exercise and playful interaction for your adult cat

Perfect Fit™ has been developed based on WALTHAM® Centre’s nutritional expertise. These products consider the evolution of your adult cat’s modern lifestyle and her current needs. However, we believe that your cat’s wellbeing goes well beyond her stomach. Healthy nutrition is obviously ‘a must’, but we believe that physical exercise and playful interaction are also essential to her wellbeing in order to help provide her with the best quality of life, one that she can enjoy from her first years through to old age.

1Enquête TNS-Soffres 2014.

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