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Benefits of mixed-feeding for older cats

The art of mixing moist and dry senior cat food

“Mixed-feeding” is a commonly used term to describe a nutritional routine that involves feeding your cat a mix of wet and dry food. The benefits are numerous and well-documented. Not only does the balanced nutrition of mixed-feeding keep your older cat’s youthful nature satisfied, but it brings measurable benefits throughout her life, like supporting urinary tract health.

Importance of hydration in older cat diet

With age, your cat tends to drink less and her urinary tract health could become a new concern. The benefits of mixed-feeding are more important than ever at this stage of her life as 2 pouches of wet food a day1 can satisfy 73% of her recommended daily water intake! . Amongst other benefits, mixed-feeding can help to spare your senior cat from a number of dehydration-related health issues. For instance, British Shorthair, Persian and Siamese breeds seem to be at a higher risk of so-called “urinary stones”, solids formed from minerals, which can make it difficult, or even impossible, for your cat to urinate:

Fact: According to a WALTHAM® survey2, cats, even older than 7, that receive more than 52% of their water through their food are more physically active than those whose diet is solely dry kibbles. Well, there you have it!

That’s why our mixed feeding recommendation is to provide 1/3 of your cat’s daily energy requirements from dry food, and 2/3 from wet food.

Mixed feeding benefits for cats by Perfect Fit


Keeping your older cat active

Perfect Fit™ has been developed based on WALTHAM® Centre’s nutritional expertise. These products consider the evolution of your cat’s modern lifestyle and her current needs. However, we believe that your senior cat’s wellbeing goes well beyond her stomach. Healthy nutrition is obviously ‘a must’, but we believe that physical exercise and playful interaction are also essential to her wellbeing in order to help provide her with the best quality of life, one that she can enjoy from her first years and far beyond.

1 For an average 4 kg adult cat. WALTHAM® Science.

2 Cameron 2010, Alexander 2013, WALTHAM® Science.

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