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A Pet sitter can contribute to your pet’s physical, mental and social activity

You know that physical activity is essential for keeping your pet happy and healthy, but what do you do if you, on the odd occasion, don’t have enough time to spend with them?

This is where a pet-sitter can be a wonderful addition to your pet’s life (and yours too!). Whether you are going away on holidays, or there are just some days when your pet is home alone for too long, a pet-sitter can help give your pet the mental stimulation and physical activity they need, and with careful selection of the right person for your pet, you can rest assured knowing your pet is in good hands.

Physical exercise is excellent for your pet

Why is physical exercise so important for your pet? You know it helps keep them fit and healthy and lifts their mood, but what exactly is occurring when they’re active that makes it so beneficial?

Apart from being a great opportunity to play and enjoy time together, physical activity is great for your pet’s heart health, due to the increased blood circulation it promotes. It also helps with weight management, keeping your pet slimmer and fitter, and it aids digestion - increased blood circulation helps keep the digestive system functioning properly. Physical activity also goes a long way to encouraging rest and deeper sleeping. Physically tired pets sleep well!

The physical exercise needs of your pet will depend on many things including what sort of animal they are (dogs need a lot more exercise than cats), and your pet’s personality, age, temperament, lifestyle and even breed. An energetic Husky obviously needs a much more dynamic form of exercise than a small Chihuahua! Keep this in mind when planning physical activities for your companion.

Pet sitting to keep your dog or cat active and mentally stimualted - Perfect Fit


What a pet-sitter can do for you and your pet

Looking for a pet-sitter can take some time initially, but once you have found one the benefits will start to show very quickly.

Firstly, engaging the services of a pet-sitter means that your pet will not miss out on their daily physical activity when it is hard for you to find the time.

A pet-sitter can continue your pet’s normal activities - whether it is a walk and play in the park for a dog, or a cuddle and indoor play for a cat - but they can also do a lot more. In reality, a pet-sitter can become a partner in the care and training of your pet.

For dogs in particular, physical exercise often goes hand in hand with social activity. Park play will often coincide with interactions with other people and other dogs. These meetings can also be great educational moments for your dog, they teach him how to get along with other dogs, and this education helps build his self-confidence, which can contribute to his mental health, general vitality and sense of well-being.

Also, pet-sitters often mind a few dogs at once, meaning your dog will suddenly have a group of dogs to be a part of and to play with. This is excellent for further developing his socialisation skills.

There are many other ways pet-sitters can help you and your pet. Pet-sitters will often introduce pets to new toys, and they can send you photos of your pet while they are being minded. Photos like these can bring you a wonderful sense of comfort. Your pet is not just getting the physical exercise and social interaction they need, they are being cared for by a professional who knows, understands and really cares for the well-being of animals.

Pet-sitters can be much more than dog walkers

A truly committed pet-sitter like will take an interest in your pet, in their development and general well-being.

Pet-sitters can be hired to introduce your pet to a new environment, which is particularly good for dogs. Dogs are social animals that love to be active and meet new people, to share new experiences and play.

Pet-sitters can be hired to play and cuddle with cats in your own home. They can stay overnight or make daily visits to feed and spend time with your pet if you are away.

Cats truly benefit from regular human interaction too, especially considering they are often indoor pets. A visit from a pet-sitter helps keep them stimulated, physically and mentally.  

Hiring a pet-sitter does require some organization and preparation, but you will soon notice the positive influence they have on your pet’s temperament and well-being.



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