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Scratching is natural feline behaviour. You just have to provide your cat with the right scratching post, as not all cats like the same materials. From posts to pads, sisal rope to cardboard, there are many different options your cat might enjoy. To help you get started, here's a little inspiration from our pet lover and her cat
By @Themainecoonlife

For cats in the wild, claws play an essential part in everyday survival: sharp and strong claws are essential for hunting, self-defence, climbing, balancing, and marking territory. Even when they live in a cosy indoor world, cats retain the instinct to scratch and sharpen claws. To save human furniture from the ravages of the cat’s claws, do equip your home with multiple scratchers, either horizontal or vertical, whatever fits into your home. It doesn’t have to be a scratch pole! it can have any shape. Your cat can also use it as an item of feline furniture to sit on, or a viewing platform. It is very easy to make robust scratch blocks from rolled-up cardboard.

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