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Unleash their inner hunter

Stalk, chase, stare, crouch, pounce, catch, bite. These predatory behaviours are natural for your cat. The key is to find a toy your cat can grab and bite to satisfy their hunting instinct and give them that sweet taste of victory. Try unleashing your cat's inner hunter 15 minutes a day. To help you get started, here's a little inspiration from our pet lover and her cat
By @Themainecoonlife

Cats never lost their instinct to hunt in all their years of domestication. Your cat needs to hunt, even if not for food. The best way to satisfy the inner hunter is to play daily games that mimic hunting, to let them unleash their natural hunting instincts. Artemis & Apollo’s favourite hunting game involves a simple hand-held toy consisting of a handful of feathers at the end of string tied to a long stick. It can flutter like a bird, scoot along the floor, make whooshing noises in the air, and jump around the furniture. It can trigger the urge to hunt in several ways. Always remember to put it away to keep it safe and fresh for next play-time!

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